Posts being erroneously assigned to System user

(Greg) #1


Noticed a weird issue after getting a flagged post today – the discussion shifted from one user to the system account, which does not get used for anything other than automated tasks – the content matches the original, public user.

(We’re a social poker site – you’d be surprised how many folks jump into Hold’em without reading the rules. Or not, if you’ve been around long enough. ;))

More from the account’s Replies page, which doesn’t always match the posts in threads:
New user image limit: http:////

Haven’t been able to find anything through searching, so I’d be extremely grateful if someone could point me in the right direction for a fix. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a side effect of our install. =)

(Neil Lalonde) #2

Looking at the quality of their posts, are you sure a moderator or admin didn’t do anything? Maybe someone re-assigned the posts or tried to do something else?

(Greg) #3

It’s entirely possible, though the access is very limited. Any idea where I might look?

I would not be at all surprised if this is a side effect of importing posts from an old forum, but it would be reassuring to know it’s something we messed up. =)

(Neil Lalonde) #4

Have a look in Admin > Logs > Staff Actions

But if this happened because of an import, it makes sense. Imported posts that can’t find a user for the author will be assigned to the system user. Maybe that user was deleted in the old forum, which explains why the import had to assign their posts to System.