Posts by new users with whitelisted URLs get flagged

(Freso) #1

I just had to approve Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread - MusicBrainz - MetaBrainz Community Discourse and other posts by new users such as ISRC as unique identifier? - MusicBrainz - MetaBrainz Community Discourse also keep needing an admin/mod’s attention, even if they are well within what’s allowed by the site settings:

“newuser max links” is 4; neither of those two posts contains more than 4 links in total.
“white listed spam host domains” contains “”; the former of the two linked posts has 1/1 links to, the latter has 2/3 links to mb.o.

If there a bug in the system somewhere? Am I missing a setting? Can anyone help put light on what’s going on?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What’s the exact message reported back in these cases? I need more than this. Are they posting links to the same domains in messages over and over? That’s a key spammer flag.

I also need the exact, character by character, value of your whitelisted domains.

(Freso) #3

Is there a way to see the exact reported message somewhere after it’s been unflagged? And no, the two examples have only posted the one post I’ve linked. Nothing else.

Is there a way without SQL’ing to get “the exact, character by character, value of your whitelisted domains”?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes, just copy and paste the value from your site settings here.

Speaking of, new users who copy and paste a whole post in as one of their first posts (rather than typing it) will generally run afoul of spam checks, as that is highly indicative of spammer behavior.

(Freso) #5

How? If I put the cursor in the field and Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, it doesn’t select nor copy the value. If I try to drag the mouse cursor to select things, it starts moving the entries around instead. If I place the cursor at the end of the field and use Shift-← to try and select things, it just selects one entry at a time until the first is reached.

So I made a screenshot instead:

I’ll keep you comments in mind next time one happens and ask them about it. Could well be that they’ve written their posts in Notepad or some such and then pasted it over.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

What’s there looks correct to me. You can test whether or not the whitelisting is working by creating a new user, then adding a number of links to those specific domains in a new post and submitting it…

If you have a repro of a problem with the whitelisting we can definitely fix it.