Posts without replies

(Sara Noel) #1

I’d like to have a way to pull up posts that have zero replies. Something like “unanswered posts”.

Thoughts on this?

(Kane York) #2

(Sara Noel) #3

Thank you! :blush:

Typing to exceed my 20 characters.

Does your reply improve the conversation in some way? Why yes. I mean I know I could have simply clicked the like button.

Please enjoy this “school satchel” :school_satchel: as a sincere thank you for being kind. And because hey, who doesn’t love the word satchel.

(cpradio) #4

And if you want to add a quick reference to that URL parameter to your navigation, see this topic:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

I’m using the button @cpradio suggested on this topic, and people are using it! 10/10 would add again.

(Sara Noel) #6

Thank you! That’s awesome. Clearly I’m new to Discourse and where to find all the information that I want, so I appreciate your reply. Longtime vbulletin admin. Sold one 3 years ago. I was looking for options for my new site and have been enjoying my time learning more about Discourse.

Giving you a satchel would somehow take away from the first satchel, so here, enjoy this tasty rice cracker :rice_cracker: as a gesture of my appreciation. I think that’s supposed to be Senbai with Nori. Eat your greens (or your reds, haha I’m probably laughing alone.) I’m leaving before I ramble more.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

It’s times like these I’m glad we have a 20 character minimum so we can be encouraged to talk more — this is discussion software, after all :wink:

(Sara Noel) #8

Oh it’s the infamous Atwood. Hi.

In my previous post, I was going to add that I decided to use Discourse because of your sparkling personality. _Like you’ve never heard THAT before. I’m impressed by the sheer amount of haters. haha

Kidding aside, I appreciate and admire your determination to keep Discourse from becoming bloated with crap.

(Sara Noel) #9

Did you get it to work correctly? I have tried the quick reference URL parameter (Reply reminder - Remind users to reply to new users topics with zero replies) and it doesn’t seem to work properly.

For example: When “unanswered” is clicked and it loads the page of unanswered posts, why is the latest on the nav highlighted versus the unanswered nav link being highlighted? And why does “latest” end up in the url? Even when I remove it in the code to match the url posted by Kane above, it will automatically be replaced and is stuck.

It works kind of funky for me, too. For example, if I go down the line and click latest, new, unread, top, categories and then unanswered, it works okay other than not being highlighted in nav. Same if I click any of the other options before clicking unanswered. But if I start from the main page, and I click unanswered first, nothing happens unless I hit refresh. Or if it’s my first visit to the page, then it seems to work okay.

Did I do something wrong? Or maybe I am misunderstanding. I can be pretty dense at times.

ETA that well perhaps things were cached because now although it still isn’t right, it seems as if “latest” just keeps the “unanswered” url if you try to click between the two.