Pre-filled REPLY to an existing topic via URL


Continuing the discussion from Compose a new pre-filled topic via URL:

Would it be possible to extend this feature to add a an existing topic id so as to pre-fill a reply to an already existing topic?

Some possible uses:

  • URL that creates a form to enter a contest/giveaway in a specific thread.
  • Standardized bug/error reporting in a single specific thread.

How to open reply window via URL
(Nick Putman) #2

I would like to see this feature too. If it could then be integrated with the Wordpress discourse plugin then the links at the bottom of Wordpress blog posts which link to the topic (i.e. ‘CONTINUE THE DISCUSSION BY CLICKING HERE’) could automatically trigger the composer window to open.

(Ralf Stockmann) #3

This is exactly what we would like to see for our blog here at the state library, thus: +1!

(canadaduane) #4

Is there now a way to create pre-filled replies via a URL? EDIT: I see this also discussed here, but there appear to be no correct answers.

(Makary Gołosz) #5

I don’t know about pre-filled contents, but linking to open reply form should be possible via JavaScript.