Preempt user from abuse reports

We have a user who is complaining that they are victim of abuse reports for all their messages, just because some other users dont like what they say. This ends up triggering some filters we have for hising messages.

Is there a way to set a user’s messages to not get automatically hidden?

Much depends on the trust level of the reported user and on the trust level of the reporting users.
Reporting users are regular users (TL3) or lower?
Reported user is a new or basic user?
Based on their levels you can try to configure the site appropriately (promoting the user reported) from /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=flag


thx. I guess what I was thinking was to expand on the functionality of this setting below

i.e. the number of flags required to hide post for a tl2 user vs. a tl1 user perhaps should be different, because they have better reputation in the community. perhaps a t1 user we let people hide their posts with a few complaints, but a tl2 user requires more flags.

just a thought. I’m going to try and learn more about the issues our moderator is facing.

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I’m surprised that no one addressed this point directly. Is there any substance to the user’s complaints?

If so, that’s a bit worrying.

If users in general on your forum are using the flagging system as a “downvote” button, perhaps some forum-wide education about what it’s actually for would be helpful.

If you have users who are deliberately abusing the flag button to grief or censor other users, you need to make it clear to them that this behavior is not acceptable. It they persist, use the moderator tools, including:

  • TL-level locks
  • Suspensions
  • Bans

Depending on how egregiously abusive they are/how resistant they are to modifying their behavior.

If you have abusive flaggers, they won’t stop with a single user. They’ll either collect enough support to flag at the higher threshold, out move on to other victims. In the meantime, you’ve made it harder for valid flags to hide problematic posts.


Thx. I think we’ll need to have a review session with moderator. It just can get overwhelming at times. We’ve ended up just having to increase the number of flags required to hide a post automatically.

In general, we have some contentious users that we haven’t been able to properly manage. If we try to ban them completely, they do end up finding ways to make noise, about who started the fight, or getting others from the community to come to their defense.

Would be interesting to hear how successful other communities have been with blocking malicious users, who try to abuse the flagging mechanics.

We recently added a feature that shows flag percentages for the flagging user:

The first thing to look at is, who are the flaggers that end up having staff frequently disagree with their flags.