Prevent one user to edit another one's post

(Jiaqi Li) #1

Hi there, I found that in my website, user A can edit user B’s historical post without any permission.

Do you know how can I change this?


Is it because of user trust levels?

The defaults are as follows and are explained in the topic below:

  • Trust level 3 can recategorize and rename topics

  • Trust level 4 users can edit all posts

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Only if the post is wiki or the user editing is staff member.

(Jiaqi Li) #4

Thanks a lot!!

I checked the link you sent :slight_smile:

(Jiaqi Li) #5

Many thanks!

And do you know how can I define each trust level?

For example, I want to only allow admin to rename topic and edit a post.

(Felix Freiberger) #6

That isn’t configurable.
If you really want to prevent this (but why would you?), you can configure trust level 3 to be unattainable.

(Jiaqi Li) #7

@fefrei many thanks!

I mean users of course can rename and edit their own post but not allowed to rename other’s or edit others because my website is knowledge-sharing oriented and if the knowledge is edited without permission, users will be confused.

And by the way, do you know where can I see each trust level’s ability?

I mean for example, what can trust level3 do? What can trust level4 do?

(Felix Freiberger) #8

Isn’t that normally in the post body, not the title?

It’s usually way more efficient to let regular users clean up the site a bit. (For example, I moved your topic to #support :slight_smile:)
In the very rare case that a regular abuses his power, you can still warn, suspend or trust-lock him.

@Remah already linked to the answer:

(Jiaqi Li) #9

@fefrei Many thanks! Now I understand :thumbsup:

(Theo) #10

Because people like to joke around and change thread titles to be ridiculous. E.g. someone starts a thread ‘Who here owns a bike?’ and in the body it just says “Please tell us below and which model”.

And then a Regular user (which can be obtained without any specific personal trust) is feeling a bit mischievous waits until there are a number of replies and changes the title to “Who here is a pervert and owns a real doll?”

Ho ho, jokes, etc. The point is that you can’t assume every forum is populated by people who act with complete decorum, or that people who don’t fall into that category automatically have nothing of value to add to your forum otherwise.

The levels are a good idea but it would be better to have more control.

That said, on our forum it seems Leaders and Regulars get only one edit per 24 hour period so it’s not as bad as it might be.

(Felix Freiberger) #11

Is that a typical experience on your forum, or are you afraid of that?

It seems that in practice, only very few users abuse their powers – and you have powerful tools to counter this (either warnings and suspensions, or a trust-lock to level 2).

That doesn’t seem right, are you sure?

(Theo) #12


You’re right, the 24 hour thing seems to have bitten the dust. I know that we were experimenting with trying to lock down a lot of editing.

And yes, someone DID do that to threads. Thread titles have been changed for ‘lols’ or else joke tags added to the threads.

My point was that using warnings and suspensions is fairly crazy for someone changing a thread title to be a bit silly. I’m assuming the board will just have to lock people to level 2, then. TBH what I find oddest about using this meta forum is how often a request for greater ability to configure the settings is met with an assumption that it can’t be necessary.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #13

No it’s not. Users are abusing rights that have been granted to them in a way that affects everyone on the forum. Joking or not that is wrong, and it is in no way extreme to warn them, lock their trust level, or even temporarily suspend them for repeated instances.

That being said, we had similar issues on Stonehearth when TL3 first came out. It was determined (before my time) that users earning TL3 based on pre-set criteria didn’t work for our site, so we disabled TL3. That worked for us, but each site is different.

The Discourse devs are trying to avoid ending up like this:

There are already tons of settings for Admins to configure, each new setting adds more complexity.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

On the topic of title edits, I have warmed up to the idea of not letting regulars change very old topic titles.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #15

On that thought, can TL4 users edit any post ever, or only one’s within post edit time limit?

(Theo) #16

It actually is in force. When I tested before It was the allowed editing period (of 3 mins I think) that I must have been within. Here’s the message box I get when I try another edit within 24 hours.

I am TL4

(Theo) #17


I’ve come back to this because the 24-hour issue still seems to dog the site and I am now able to view the admin pages and…erm…I can’t work out how to resolve this.

So it’s now possible to edit your posts - which is what we want - and there there’s a 2 minute grace period to do this only - again, this is by design - but unless you’re an admin or a moderator you can only make one edit in every 24 hours:

You’ve reached the maximun number of edits today. Please wait 23 hours before trying again.

How do we get rid of this 24 hour limit? It seems to affect all 4 trust levels. I can’t see a setting that would explain this.

(Theo) #18

Oh look, it was down there under Rate Limits!!!

Cheers, nothing to see here.

backs out

(Ae Quitas) #19

Why can a user with level 1 change a reply in a locked thread from another person?

(Mittineague) #20

When a topic is Closed, members can not make new posts to it.

When a topic is Archived, members can neither make new posts in it, nor edit any of their previous posts in it.

When the edit post time limit has been reached for a post, members can not edit that post.

Wiki posts are a special case.