Prevent pinned topics sticking to the top of featured

(Dakota) #1

my forum uses /categories as the index with 3 featured/latest topics displayed per category, and it’s a little annoying that pinned topics stick to the top of the featured list. some categories do have more than 3 pinned topics, meaning that new posts in those categories can never appear in the featured list unless they’re in one of those topics.

pinning is useful when viewing the category itself but on the /categories page is there a setting to prevent pins from always being at the top? i just want the 3 most recently posted/posted-in topics to appear, pinned or no. I’m not sure why pinning affects the ordering there, kind of kneecaps the point of the feature imo.

anyone else agree?


I’m fairly certain pinned topics will only show up on that list until they have been read. Pinned topics will unpin as soon as you have read them. That should also drop them from the featured/latest list assuming there aren’t other qualifications putting the topic on there.

Unless you are expecting the pinned topic to go ignored (which kind of defeats the purpose), I think the behavior of prioritizing pins makes sense.

Please feel free to correct me if I’m misunderstanding :slightly_smiling_face: