Preview with query plan - what does it mean?

(Anton) #1

The key is: admin_js.admin.badges.preview.plan_text

Could someone please explain what does it mean to help me translate this term?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Paging @riking … you added this.

(Kane York) #3

The english text, for context, is this:

Preview with query plan

It’s displayed right next to, and after, admin_js.admin.badges.preview.link_text, so it’s supposed to contrast with that text:

Preview granted badges

The difference is that you’re including the query plan reported by the database, so that you can check for performance issues on your badge queries.

(Anton) #4

So is the Query Plan a performance analysis summary for the query entered by admin?

(Martin Anselm Meyerhoff) #5

A Query Plan is a technical term from the database. Whenever the database gets a new query, it checks different ways to actually go about finding the data requested, and those different ways to find data are called Query Plans. As a developer, you need that information if you want to optimize queries.

It’s a very technical term, and as such can probably be left in English. :slight_smile:

(Anton) #6

Unfortunately, keeping things in English will make non-English-only-speaking-administrators/mods to swear and panic. It’s better to make it something meaningful - then if they do not understand they’ll just avoid touching it. But English will look like untranslated thing.

Anyway thanks for explanation. I can see it’s the same as EXPLAIN in MySQL.