Pricing plan for freelancers/(very) small businesses?

(Alexandra) #1

Hi there,

I just came across Discourse and I think it might be a great replacement for my current WordPress/bbPress setup. I am a freelance translator and language teacher and I have set up a small community of Germans learning Dutch. At the moment there are less than 100 users.

Since I currently make no money with this community I find it hard to justify paying 100 $ a month (although I do think it’s totally worth it).

Do you by any chance have any plans to offer some sort of freelance version? That would be absolutely brilliant.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

The $99 self-supported install might be of interest; that’s $10/month, payable to Digital Ocean.

See for details (scroll down)

(Alexandra) #3

Thanks Jeff, that is definitely an option I will look into.

I am not entirely sure that I’m up to maintaining both the underlying OS (Linux) and Discourse on my own but this might indeed be a good way to test the waters …

Thanks again,

(Jeff Atwood) #4

No real maintenance is required, everything can be done from a web browser.

Every 6 months you may need to SSH in and issue 3 commands to update the container, then reboot to get auto-updates from Ubuntu. That’s it.

(Alexandra) #5

Ok, that sounds doable :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for your quick support!

(Alexandra) #6

Just took the plunge and went with the self-supported install.

(Tim) #7

I’m interested in this option as well. I’ve got a private server now that I just don’t have the discipline to manage. I’ve been hacked via a holes in Plesk (for certain), Wordpress (suspected) and my forum software. I’m not sure whether any or all of these incursions has compromised the server itself (but assume it has).

It’s a hobby site that the users generally pony up for. I’d like to do the self-support option, and can handle keeping discourse up to date. Is that the only maintenance required?

Appreciate the help…

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Yes, web updates and every 6 months, ssh 3 liner update. That is all that is required

(Alexandra) #9

@Tim_Beidel So far I’ve done two web updates and they went well.

@codinghorror Just curious about the Ubuntu (OS) update. Will I get a some sort of notification from Digital Ocean when that’s due?



I don’t think DO will tell you when to update ubuntu. You may want to get familiar with their forums they run

I you don’t want to mess with it I can write a tiny script so that it runs 4am once a season. It’s mildly risky updates are usually a breeze but if you catch the wrong time a bad package slips through their checks.

(Matt Palmer) #11

Ubuntu has the ability to install security updates automatically, and will send an e-mail to root whenever the server needs to be rebooted (for kernel updates and such). While the $99 install enables autoupdates, we don’t setup root mail redirection (because it isn’t obvious where the mail needs to go), but you can do that easily enough yourself (just edit /etc/aliases).


you’d also have to install and configure sendmail :slight_smile:

(Matt Palmer) #13

Oh, yeah, Ubuntu ships without an MTA, doesn’t it… ugh. Well, don’t install sendmail, at least do yourself a favour and install postfix.


Mail is the one thing I HATE to mess with.

I’m running MIAB right now… but getting updates on needed system reboots would be nice.

(Matt Palmer) #15

Personally, I don’t mind mail. Printers are my personal enemies. At any rate, I just let Puppet deal with all my mail configuration needs. Helps that I’ve got a whole fleet of machines to take care of, though, on the automation front.

(Alexandra) #16

@mpalmer Wouldn’t it suffice for me to log in to Ubuntu every once in a while and checking root’s mail locally?

(Matt Palmer) #17

Sure, but that seems like a lot more effort, and you’ll probably end up neglecting to do it (because other things will naturally take precedence) and it won’t get done in a timely manner. Always better to have things come to you, rather than you having to go to things.

(Alexandra) #18

You’re right about that. Will have a look at Postfix.

( nikos) #19

Managed forums for 13 years+ and never learned or practiced Linux until I came across discourse brilliant framework. the industry standard is C panel but I followed the few guides suggested by Discourse and managed to install it on a new domain name and on digital ocean for $5/month

Try it and if you cannot get it to work then post here and we can try to help you if possible.

Now if you are a business making decent money or any money on a regular basis and you want a professional team to manage and host the server than please buy through the developer(s)