PrimeTime WP Discourse SSO plugin - white screens during login process

(Nick Putman) #1

I am trying to get the PrimeTime WP Discourse SSO plugin by @etc working. I am confident that I have added all of the settings correctly, as per the instructions for the plugin, though I wasn’t sure what to include for the sso url - I ended up just using the full url of my WP site, i.e.

I am seeing the following issues when I try to login to discourse, having enabled sso:

If I am already logged in to the main WP site, and then try to login to discourse, I am redirected to the URL | Open Dialogue… but it’s just a white screen

If I am not logged in then I am redirected to the main WP login page, but after logging in I am once again directed to a URL in the format | Open Dialogue… and another white screen.

Does anyone know what might be going on here, and how I can fix it? I urgently need to get a site online, and can’t do so until I get the SSO working, so would be very grateful for any assistance!



(Nick Putman) #2

Having looked into this some more, I can see that the blank pages really are blank - no error shows on the page in the inspector - there is nothing between the tags. Just a few scripts seem to be loaded on the page and nothing else.

(Simon Cossar) #3


I tried this plugin a while ago and was getting the error that is_plugin_active was being called before it was defined. You can see the error if you are able to set WP_DEBUG to true in your site’s wp-config.php file. I’m sure it’s fixable, but if you are stuck you could use the wp-discourse plugin to just handle your sites sso. You could then use some other method (javascript embedding) to handle your sites comments.

(Nick Putman) #4

Hi Simon. Thanks. I am using the javascript embed method for comments at the moment, and this is working well. I have seen that the wp-discourse plugin handles SSO as well as comments, but how does this work? Do I need a special template to handle the login page when people are redirected to my WP site to login, or, like with the PrimeTime plugin, should all this be handled automatically using the built in WP login form?

(Nick Putman) #5

I tried using this, and after logging in I was redirected to WP admin and on returning to discourse I wasn’t logged in. Perhaps this is the method with the wp-discourse plugin, but it looks like, with the PrimeTime plugin I am meant to use the primary url only.

I will see if I can reproduce your error now.

(Nick Putman) #6

Yes, I am seeing this too.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in /var/www/ on line 402

I will try to see if I can fix this, but if in the meantime you can explain how the wp-discourse sso works as well, then hopefully I can get one or more options working by the end of the day.

Also, perhaps @etc can advise on the error?

(etc) #7

I was about to suggest checking the logging if you’re getting a white screen.

Does the error happen to everyone, even new installations? I’m not aware that any breaking change was introduced to WordPress. Is it only broken with the latest version?

(etc) #8

This is news to me. I’ll do some testing this weekend and see if I can figure out what the issue might be. There’s a new version I need to push to the repo anyways that’s already available in github.

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