Prioritize username in ux has no effect


I have the setting prioritize username in ux disabled, but is seems to have no effect.

  • In threads there are stil the usernames shown and not the real name
  • On the main page, hovering over the circles with user pic or letter, there are still the user names shown.

Do I need to rebuild something when the setting is changed?


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

If the username and the task name are the same (John Smith is johnsmith) only the username is displayed. Is this what you are seeing?


Uhh, how does that makes sense? When “username in ux” is disabled, imo it should display the name and not the username always, regardless if they are the same.

But that is not the problem here.

I have a user, username is “DHV_OG_Stuttgart”, name is “DHV Ortsgruppe Stuttgart”.

When I look at the profile, the name is prefered:

But when I hover above the circle:
or in the thread view

the username is still displayed, and not the name.


Have you got this setting checked: display name on posts


Ah, ok. That one I missed.

It fixes the names in the thread view, however, the names displayed when hovering above the circle are still the usernames.