Private Categories for Groups?

(Brian) #1

Is it possible … and if so what is the proper way, to create a private Category for a newly defined Group?

Here is the use case I’m interested in:

Most of my community forum will be public, but several groups of people have requested a private section (category) that should only be visible to their members.

Would the following accomplish this task? …

  1. Create a group for them (GroupA).
  2. Create a Category (again called CategoryA, with permissions only assigned to the GroupA group).

Following the group and category creations, I would invite or add existing members to that particular Group (or, could I assign a “GroupA” moderator permission to do that? Can mods send invites?)

Is this a scenario anyone has seen before or currently using? This would be done multiple times for different groups (ie. GroupA->CategoryA, GroupB->CategoryB, etc, etc)


(Michael Downey) #2

Yes, that should work. I don’t know about delegated member management though. I think only admins can do that.

(Brian) #3

ok great, thanks! Admin management will be fine