Private forum possible with Discourse? (visibility, sign-up, activation)


I am interested in creating a community forum, however we want to have three different forums in total:

  1. Customer for product A: public & self registration
  2. Customer for product B: private & self registration but Admin activation (or semi-automatic activation based on the email-domain)
  3. Partner forum: private & self registration or registration by Admin

With private I mean that the landing page is visible but without login nothing else can be seen (not even the members of the community).

Is this possible? If yes, how to best set it up?
Is it best to set up 3 different instances? Or are there any other solutions?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I think you could do that with a single forum. Groups can be auto assigned according to email address, and groups can be used to control access to categories.

(Felix Freiberger) #4

Just to keep things linked, @markus9876 asked basically the same question again in a second thread, I’ve already replied over there:


True @fefrei …sorry, I am comparing so many requirements and use cases, some of them are interlinked but to keep up the pace I cannot write the big story in one post.

Thanks a lot …