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(Benjamin Kampmann) #1


as we’ve chosen a discourse installation to reduce the noise that Mailing lists often create, we also encourage people to take non-public conversation into private messages only spamming those really involved. But if you want to start a private conversation, it is currently a pain in the a… So a while back (before there was this subcategory for plugin announcements) I created this nifty little plugin adding a “Private message”-button right next to the “Create Topic” button in the top bar:

It’s really handy. And also a case-study on how to inject new buttons and things into existing and rendered templates.

Here’s the link: GitHub - gnunicorn/discourse-plugin-pm-button: Add a private message button next to “Create Topic” in the main menu


Sending PM requires first locating recipient
Add a "New Private Message" button to the inbox
I would like a site setting that allows TL0 to PM staff
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Just to be clear on existing ways to start a PM with a default Discourse install:

  1. Click/tap user avatar in a topic
  2. Click/tap blue Private Message button


  1. Click/tap Flag button on a post
  2. Click/tap “Notify user”
  3. Enter text, press ENTER


  1. Visit user profile page
  2. Click/tap blue “private message” button at top

Sending PM requires first locating recipient
Does flagging to trigger a PM also cause a flag?
(Admir Hodzic) #3

I like your plugin,
But seems for my new users there is too many new info when they came to discourse.
Is there a way to disable or uninstall this plugin for while.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #4

There is yet no way to disable a plugin from the UI or backend. What I usually do is rename the file plugin.rb into _plugin.rb or something as this is how discourse finds plugin. One restart and the plugin isn’t run at the moment.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I moved 8 posts to a new topic: Does flagging to trigger a PM also cause a flag?

(| full stack virgin) #6

Is there update to this plugin of yours?
Is this still supported?