Private messages between users not being received

(Rebekkah Abraham) #1


We are having an odd situation where one forum user sends a private message to another one, and when the recipient replies (via email, I presume), it goes to our admin inbox, not to the person who sent the message. When I as a Forum administrator check the sender’s message inbox, I can see the messages. But the person who sent the message, and should have received a reply, does not see anything.

We think these are the steps the message sender took:

  1. Went onto their profile (eg.
  2. Hit the blue message button
  3. Sent them a message
  4. Sender did not get an email when the recipient replied
  5. Sender does not have a reply in their Forum Inbox

Anyone know what might be going on here? Is it a bug, or something in our set up?

Let me know if other additional details would help.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can we repro this @techapj?

(Arpit Jalan) #3

I am not able to repro this issue.

(Dean Taylor) #4

Might consider updating and see if the issue still exists - looks like the site was last rebuilt / updated on 10th August.

(Rebekkah Abraham) #5

Thanks for the attempts to reproduce and the recommendation to update. We’ll give that a go!

Many thanks,