Private Messages feature request

(LoveDiscourse) #1

Is the currently a limit to how many private messages conversations users can have? What if your forum becomes so big it has million’s of topic rows just for PM’s. Shouldn’t there be a way to cap PM space so people need to clear their inboxes once in a while?

I realize PM’s are basically like topics, so if you would give users the ability to delete PM’s they would delete the topic and therefor delete the conversation on the other users side as well.

Can something be implemented that users both have their instance of PM and can choose to delete it or not?

(Azareal) #2

If both users have an instance of a PM then, it’ll waste even more space than it does already due to all of the duplicates which would make your problem even worse?.

(LoveDiscourse) #3

True, but without the instancing, you can never delete a message in YOUR inbox, because it would also be deleted in the other parties inbox?

I understand what you are saying, but I’m looking for a way to cap the amount of pm’s users can send/receive.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I don’t see any need for this. We are not running out of database space. I doubt you would have so many PMs per user that this would ever remotely be an issue.

(DenisD) #5

The question is rather about preventing using forum for soliciting/jobs etc.