Private Profile Notes

(Jude Aakjaer) #21

That’d be awesome if possible Robin, I’m just doing the upgrade and changing to this plugin now

(Mittineague) #22

If I’m not mistaken, it looks like the SitePoint plugin created a topic of the private_message archetype.

I think querying for an OP that is Staff could be doable.

Querying for OP == “self member” could be a bit more. And who knows how many non-staff used the plugin.

I know I have, and being forewarned I’ll copy them over to my Clippings now.

@cpradio maybe a type of general notice is in order? or maybe ignorance will be bliss.
(i,e, an announcement may cause more upset over losing something they never knew they had than it’s worth)

(cpradio) #23

Yeah, I lean towards the latter, that 90% likely don’t use it. I may warn Mentors though, as they’ll lose theirs too.

@santouras, YAY! If you want a group to test the upgrade before releasing it to Production, let me know. I’ll set something up.

(Mittineague) #24

I just put together a query

It’s more verbose than it needs to be and there is redundancy, but it could be a start

SELECT AS topics_id
  , topics.title AS topics_title
  , topics.user_id AS topics_user_id
  , topics.subtype AS topics_subtype
  , topics.slug  AS topics_slug
  , AS posts_id
  , posts.user_id AS posts_user_id
  , posts.topic_id AS posts_topic_id
  ,  AS users_id
  , users.admin  AS users_admin
  , users.moderator  AS users_moderator
FROM topics
JOIN posts
  topics.user_id = posts.user_id
JOIN users 
  posts.user_id =
  topics.archetype = 'private_message'
  topics.subtype NOT LIKE 'system_message'
  topics.subtype NOT LIKE 'moderator_warning'
  topics.subtype NOT LIKE 'notify_moderators'
  posts.post_number = 1
  posts.deleted_at IS NULL
  NOT users.admin 
  NOT users.moderator

the last 2 "NOT"s find non-staff