Private replies that only admins can see

(Jeff Atwood) #23

They look identical to private messages, basically, except instead of an envelope watermark in the right gutter, there is the “group” glyph:

There is no visual difference from the topic list or the category selection area, however. It’s all at the topic level.

I agree that PMs and private topics need to look visually quite distinct. But as of right now it’s all about the right gutter watermark.

Of course you have seen what staff actions in a topic look like; just find any closed/pinned/archived topic and look for the post event marking it – background color.

(Elive Linux) #24

I would like to add a reply comment into a post, to a specific user for example (let’s say another admin/moderator), so instead of using private messages (totally unorganized conversations) using this will keep the topic and the flow of the conversation in the correct place

So why private? because a message can be simply useless to other users but important for a specific one, so less visual saturation of (useless) information

(Jeff Atwood) #25

The whisper feature has existed for some time; enable it in your site settings.

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