Problem when writing message on editor

In my Discourse community, some users send me message. They said chrome tab freezes when writing message. I tried, I can not write messages either. It is the very interesting problem. I am starting the write message but after writing 1-2 words editor and tab freezing. What could be the problem?

Shooting in the dark here without some information on your deployment.

  • Have you looked at the server at all?
    • Is I/O bottlenecked?
  • Any network issues? Loss or latency?
    • Where is it hosted?
    • Is it behind a third party or proxy?

It sounds like something is interrupting communications, either because processes are stalling locally, or from client to server. Until you give us some information there’s very little we can suggest.

I check server with htop command. There is no problem about resources.

I hosted Discourse on Digital Ocean VPS. I installed Discourse with official guide. It’s working for a long time. I am rebuild app and it seems fixed for now. But it could happen again.

A few days ago, i installed my custom Nationals Flag plugin with making some customization. You can check it here:

I have not made any other arrangements. I have no idea what could cause it.

I see some errors on /logs.