Problem with enabling discourse-plugin-poll-ui

(Paweł Gałwa) #1

Hey guys,
recently I set up my own discourse forum. I wish to have a poll button in my Composer toolbar. I found the plugin for it (GitHub - cpradio/discourse-plugin-poll-ui: Poll UI plugin for Discourse) but it looks incompatible with the current version of discourse.

When I opened the dev console I got error like below

I was trying to fix but after a few days of struggling, I don’t have an idea how to fix it.

Could anybody take look into it?

PS. I took a look into topic related to this plugin but it’s closed now :frowning: (Poll UI: Adding Polls through a UI in the Composer Window)

(cpradio) #2

You don’t need to enable it anymore. It is built into Core, hence the following text at the top of the README.


When writing a topic/post, click on the cog wheel, and choose ‘Build Poll’

(Daniela) #3

Now you have this option without install plugins. This in particular has been included into core.

EDIT : ninja’s @cpradio :smiley:

Warning for new messages while writing to topic
(Paweł Gałwa) #4

@cpradio Thx for a fast answer but how to move poll btn to main toolbar in composer window?

(cpradio) #5

I’m not sure I understand your question, you simply have to click on the cog wheel and choose Build Poll.

I updated my prior post to reflect this.

(Paweł Gałwa) #6

@cpradio I wish to have poll btn in place where the arrow points

(cpradio) #7

You’d have to generate your own plugin to potentially do that, and I’m not sure at this moment how feasible that would be at this point in time.

(Paweł Gałwa) #8

Ok, will try :wink: Thanks a lot for help

(Robin Ward) #9