Problem with the "About Category Topic"

(Alexander Wright) #1

I’ve just encountered a bug with the “About Category Posts”:

  1. Create a new Category
  2. Delete the About Post.
  3. Set the category view only for everyone.
  4. Click the edit Edit Description button in the category settings
  5. Save topic
  6. Note that the topic is now in the uncategorised category.
  7. Make the category in 1 writable.
  8. Click on the button in (4) again. Note that you can’t change it’s category.

I had to change the category of the topic in the database to get it to appear in the correct place! I hope I didn’t break anythings else.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Why are you deleting the “About Post” since this is what holds the category description?

(Alexander Wright) #3

I was wanting an empty category as a container for sub-categories. Not a success!