Problems changing emails to an email that an alt has

(InvincibleYT) #1

Ok, so I really love reading summaries, but it always ends up in my main. I have an alt with my alt email. And I would like to switch it. The reason I want to swap them, is that I litteraly get spammed with summaries, I love reading them but my email gets filled up. Since my alt account has no email notification stuff, I would like to swap it, but I am unable to at the moment, could I get some help with that?
If an official representative helps me, could we do it in a PM? Since it would be easier to get things clear :smile:!
Have a great day!!

(Régis Hanol) #2

So you want to change your email address here on meta? If so, head over to your preferences and change your :e-mail:.

(InvincibleYT) #3

No, I have an alt on which uses discord and I have an alt with the email I want for my main. Since I’m a moderator on our forum i deleted the account and now I can still not change it :confused: wait let me try…
I tried and it worked, I am not getting an email to confirm? :joy: on our forums not meta…