Problems Getting Discourse and Traefik connected

I used this post as a guide for setting up Discourse to work withTraefik. I have traefik working with another web app.

When I visit the , I get a “404 page not found” error.

Something seems to be working, because I in the Traefik dashboard in the services tab, I can see a discourse@docker and discourse_secure@docker

However, there is nothing for discourse in the routers tab.

The changes I have made to app.yml are here, largely based on the post linked above. I added an an exposed port on the docker arguments at the bottom which seemed to open up the services mentioned above. I’d appreciate any help!

  app_name:                                                                     discourse

  #----Traefik lables------------------------
  traefik.enable:                                                               true                                                       web

   #---HTTP ROUTER SECTION-------------------
  traefik.http.routers.discourse.rule:                                          Host(``)
    #--HTTP SECTION--------------------------
  traefik.http.routers.discourse.entrypoints:                                   web
  traefik.http.routers.discourse.middlewares:                                   discourse_redirect2https                       80  

  traefik.http.routers.discourse_secure.rule:                                   Host(``)
  traefik.http.routers.discourse_secure.entrypoints:                            web-secured              80
  traefik.http.routers.discourse_secure.tls.certresolver:                       tlsChallenge_letsencrypt

   #---MIDDLEWARE SECTION redirect http to https
  traefik.http.middlewares.discourse_redirect2https.redirectscheme.scheme:      https

  - "--network=web"
  - "--expose=80"

Good Morning,

it is quite challenging to help you troubleshooting when the traefik static cofnig file is missing.
Would mind sharing that as well?
Why you don’t continue in Discourse with Traefik 2.0? That is the right topic for this scenario. In addition, it makes things easier in regard of config compare.

is not necessary as you do

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I mistakenly thought the topic was closed. I have replied there with more details.

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I reopen it more or less :slight_smile: