Problems in response quote

When I go to answer someone, it doesn’t look like that

but like that

I’ve already gone into options and changed a lot of things, but it’s still like that! It’s bad for people to see what others are replying or quote, how do I fix it?

This is the way Discourse is designed to work. If you click the “Reply” button on a post and write your message, it will do what you’ve indicated since you’re replying to the post as a whole. If you want to quote someone and reply to that, select the text you want in their post and hit the “Quote” button that pops up.

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To create something like your screenshot example, first I select the text above in your message and click quote as @sdpiowa described. This starts a new reply with that quote.

With my reply still open, next I select the text above from @sdpiowa’s reply and click quote again, which appends it to my reply. It doesn’t even have to be from here, I could navigate somewhere else and select a quote from a separate topic.

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