Problems with CSV export

(Mark McClure) #1

I’m having trouble exporting CSV files of data from my discourse instance to my personal computer.

Lets’ start with the worst of it: There is, of course, a user list at /admin/users/list/active and there is an “Export” button on that page. When I press that button, I quickly receive a message that my data export is complete with a link to a page like /t/data-export-complete/47 where I can download the file. The problem is that the file is empty.

Another example, when I try to download a backup, I’m told that “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private”. This is less big of a deal, because I can actually find the file on my server at

As one more example, a user can supposedly download all their posts. Again, they are directed to a download page with a link. This time the CSV file appears to be empty and I’ve not been able to obtain it via my web browser. However, if I look in
I find files like user-archive-3.csv which contain all the information I want. Of course, this doesn’t help ordinary users. Also, in that same directory, I find files like user-list-1.csv which should contain the exported user lists from my first problem. Those files are genuinely empty, however.

Note, it has occurred to me that upgrading might fix these problems, which is why I asked this question as well.

(Robin Ward) #2

I have never seen these issues on the many discourse installs I have access to so it’s hard to give advice, but I’ll page @techAPJ over to this topic in case he has any suggestions or things to try.

(Mark McClure) #3

Thank you - the problem seems to have been resolved by an upgrade!

(Kane York) #4

It’s possible that this was caused by a desync in Nginx configuration, which a rebuild would fix.