Procedure to customize logo in Discourse Docker

(Chris D) #1

Hi all, I am fairly familiar with Linux but total newbie when it comes to Discourse and Docker. I set up Discourse to use with my IT dept and I am loving it so far :). I think it will be a valuable tool for all our staff. It was a breeze setting up Discourse using the Docker instructions here. And I searched around and figured out how to copy an image file (.png) to the Discourse Docker container so that I could customize the logo. The issue is once I stop the container or reboot the server my change is gone, the logo becomes broken because the image is gone from the container (no longer uploaded to /var/www/discourse/public/images). I am sure I am missing some basic understanding about Docker. Could someone give me some tips about saving changes when it comes to Discourse with Docker? I am worried I am going to make some significant changes to customize and end up losing all my work :(.

Thanks for any help!


(Zack) #2

You can just upload the photo to the thread in the staff category on your site, right click the image in the post, then put it in site settings. That’s the way it was recommended I think.

(Chris D) #3

Will try that! Thanks Zack :).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes, please read the READ ME FIRST: Admin Quick Start Guide topic, which is included in every installation of Discourse, and covers all this.

(Chris D) #5

Got it, thanks Jeff.