Prof plugin developer


I’m a very experienced sw developer with more then 20 years of hard coding and extremely complex projects with >1’000’000 of code strokes, but for Win C++/Delphi/Asm/SQL/etc, Also I was worked with top world companies as Intel, MS, etc at top notch standards.

For my new web project I need some Discourse forum improvements and 2-3 new plugins. All jobs are not very complex, but pretty interesting. Because 1 of them must become as important part of my proprietary web project — it must be made only for me, without share to anyone and without copying etc. Other improvements and plugins you can post widely after we will discuss it.

At my prof areas such amount of work I by my own can make enough faster for 3-4 days. But I don’t really know web and Discourse and don’t have enough time to learn them — so ask you for help with those tasks - as prof to prof.

Benefits which I can offer to you:

  • Interesting unique jobs;
  • Detailed specs with a deeply thought-out logic, you will no need to thought-out project logic from scratch, thus it will save your time and efforts;
  • Some money donation (but, please, don’t ask too much, because I leave at poor country with a prolonged economic crisis and get low income because the most of my time I spend for a free projects which will be useful to many people — because of that now I also start to create my own new paid world-wide project to increase income, but it not launched now);
  • With my new ideas and huge experience together we can make many new useful or even paid plugins (except proprietary);
  • Help with deep architect/logic/behavior/UX/UI audition and revision of your another jobs and plugins if you want.

After all my new web project are truly unique and have superior potential — when it will bring any income, I will be glad to request from you more new unique plugins with a higher payment.

Let’s work together a little? :slight_smile:

PS Please, answer with portfolio or links to your existed Discourse plugins.


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