Promotion and Demotion not working

I used to be able to manually promote and demote as the administrator.

I go to Admin, User, demote to tl2, it shows as 2 . . . But when I go to the badge, the person is still a Regular.

I go back to Admin, User, and it shows tl2.

I go back and check, the user still has Regular badge and access to the lounge.

Why would it show tl2 in admin but tl3 on user’s profile?

I imagine it takes a while to refresh. Have you tried to revoke the regular badge from the user?

If the member meets the requirements for Trust level 3 the system man upgrade them if you don’t lock the trust level change.

I figured it out!

Sometimes, the most simple things are the hardest to figure out! :slight_smile:

Thanks!! :heart:


Was this a timing issue or something else? It’s possible we need a small fix to core to refresh a page or kick off a job more urgently.

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Something else.

I had to go to settings, user, edit badge and manually remove Regular, Member, Basic Badge. Then it demoted them.

It’s weird as in the past it used to automatically promote or demote and remove badge without me doing it manually.

Hmm, no, that doesn’t sound right…

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