"Proper" Way To Link Related Posts? And Multiple Draft Feature Suggestion

(Tarak'ha) #1

I needed to get a link to someone’s reply so I can reference it as a link in my own reply in another thread. I could click “Reply as linked topic” but then that means I lose my current post in progress because it thinks I’m making a full topic instead of a simple reply in another topic. I used the ‘share’ link instead. A few days later I got a notification that someone used my link within the forum and I got reputation credit for it. I felt like I made a faux pas because then I realized the share link is meant to be used for external links to bring people into the forum. I could remove the reference to my username in the share link, but that’s one extra step that also requires a forum member to understand how the share system works and how the url is structured for the system to read it. My intended forum audience is not tech-savvy so asking to do that extra step is not going to work out and the share system can be abused. Abused either subconsciously or consciously. I am wondering if there’s a more ux-elegant way to separate in-forum reference links to other posts or ‘shares’ which are meant to be external links to be posted elsewhere on the internet.

Which leads into my other suggestion: multiple drafts. This is highly useful for a writing-intensive forum. My forum concentrates on fan fiction and articles. This way a member can save a few drafts and work on them from any device and then post them when ready. It could also be used to pre-schedule the posting of a thread in advance.

Of course, this can be tied into the trust system. TL0 would get no draft slots. TL1 may get one. So on and so forth. If a draft has not been edited in x amount of days or not edited at all from first creation, it’s auto-deleted by the system.

This is also useful to prevent wipe-out of a thread in progress. I had to reload this forum while working on a post. Granted, it didn’t have a lot of characters typed already, but when the page reloaded, I lost my thread in progress (this one I am typing right now).

When editing a post, save your non-comitted edits as a draft
(Tarak'ha) #2

I realize I made this topic on Christmas Day, which I am guessing why there are no replies. I apologize if this looks like a bump. Was wondering if I could get some feedback on it, even if a terse ‘no’.

I realize since posting that this thread is related too. However my idea has more concrete ‘rules’ based on the trust system. I also can make a ui mock-up if anyone is seriously interested in implementing this.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

I don’t follow. I see no problem with using the share links. You should get reputation for internal links as well, they’re just as important as external ones.

If the system doesn’t distinguish between internal and external links for the sort of “rep” you get (i.e. for earning badges) for sharing, then perhaps that should be amended – I haven’t checked. But the current method of sharing seems to be working fine.

You should post your ideas regarding multiple drafts in the pre-existing topic that I made. Discussing multiple ideas at once makes the thread hard to follow.

(Tarak'ha) #4

It seems to distinguish based on if “?u=username” is appended to the end of the url. That is the url one is given when they ask for the permalink to a single post. I click on the time since in the upper right corner of the post to get this link. Each time I use this link I have to manually remove ?u=purldator from the end so I can use it within the forum itself.

I admit I do not understand what the ‘share’ feature was initially for. I read it as sharing links from the forum to another website or social media hub such as facebook or twitter. Having specific share links to do just that under the share permalink drove this point home for me. At least for me.

If I get reputation points using a feature that’s meant to award those who bring visitors and potential members in then I wouldn’t feel right using it at all. As of right now I do not understand how to grab a permalink to a single post in a topic so I can reference and link back within the forum itself. I don’t know if I’m suppose to use another feature.

Agreed, I will do that then.

Support multiple new topic drafts
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

My point is that you’re not doing something “bad” by including the username suffix.

(Tarak'ha) #6

Okay, thank you for the clarification. I didn’t want to do something against what the feature was made for. I am so used to SMF and similar. I tend to be over-cautious, which sometimes backfires.