Properly print/export long topic?

(Benjamin Kampmann) #1


as I was just told my “Tagger: tags for topics”-topic is scheduled for deletion in a week, I wanted to make a proper export of the topic for my personal files. But pressing the print-button in my browser reminded me that caused by the ember-cloaking-view, I can only see a short part of conversations at a time. And fiddling around with the google-bot version also leads to rather frustrating results.

Whats the best way to “export” or permanently save a topic with a lot of posts without admin access?


I have always wanted this feature! I was thinking of a basic ‘raw’ of an entire topic similar to the raw view of a single post. This facilitates everything related to exporting, archiving and printer-friendly.

However, for your current situation I too would like to know a workaround so I can tell my users who would like to do the same for whole topics.

(Kane York) #3
  1. Turn off Javascript
  2. Visit the topic, print
  3. Next page, repeat

(Benjamin Kampmann) #4

That is okay for short posts, but with 140 posts (like this one has), this creates 8 separated documents – all with header and everything, so you can’t even nicely concatenate them. If this is really the best way, that’s rather sad.

(Stephen) #5

Wondering this myself, maybe @codinghorror or @sam can suggest a way to alter the number of posts per page?

(Sam Saffron) #6

chunk_size is not configurable per request at the moment, only globally.

(cpradio) #7

Is chunk_size used in the non-JS version only? Or is it utilized for both?

The reason I ask, is we have several people complaining that they want to be able to print out long topics (think at least 3 pages worth) and are struggling to find a way to do it, that isn’t a lot of steps.

Although I see this as the lowest of low priorities, I wanted to make it clear that we have members who seek such a feature.

(Mittineague) #8

Looks like a first step might be to give print.css some love, if it even exists.

I know I would not be very pleased if I printed out 12 pages only to have some content hidden

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Sure PRs in this are greatly appreciated.