Proposal: Flair on avatar for trust level

Hey guys,

I started a topic elsewhere asking questions about flairs, and it got me thinking about what a powerful community motivator for participation in the forum it might be to have flairs on members’ avatars that show their trust level. If the flairs are visible to all members it is useful for:

  1. Seeing level 0s and being reminded to welcome them to the group and to be a little forgiving when they mess up and you can weigh their advice with their level in mind.
  2. Seeing higher levels and knowing you can go to them for advice.
  3. Feeling extra motivated and inspired to contribute and go up the levels and having a sense of accomplishment when you do.

In our forum, when members reach level 3, not only will they get to join the lounge (as set up by discourse), they will start to contribute to blogs and they will get to live chat to brainstorm in our think tank. So having a level 3 flair on your avatar would have extra special meaning.

Here is the original topic where we discussed this:

For those who don’t know what a flair is (which I didn’t before yesterday) this is what it is:

Here is what I understand. Please do correct me if you know more. Right now, you can add a flair to a custom group that you create. An avatar can have only one flair at a time, and which flair is displayed is determined by which group is your “primary group.” If the primary group isn’t determined in settings, it is the last group you joined. I thought I saw somewhere that only members of the same custom group can see the flair, but I could be wrong on that.

I am thinking the trust level flair would be displayed on the avatar’s bottom-left at all times since the bottom-right is allocated to the group flair. I like the idea of being able to add our own icons as opposed to a generic 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. I might use a graduating cap or a lounge icon for trust level 3, for example.

For some forums, it might be detrimental to the community to show trust level flairs, although I can’t think of an example off the top of my head, so perhaps this would be an option rather than a permanent fixture.

What do you all think of this idea?


I think it is a bit of an omission here @neil that we explicitly disallow avatar flair from automatic groups. Seems like it could be useful at least for TL4 in the general case.


@jomaxro directed me to this topic where flairs were discussed in detail. Thanks, @jomaxro.


Some context from the topic Blu linked to - automatic group flairs were listed as “some other additions”:


I think it isn’t supported yet because trust levels can’t be assigned as your primary group, which is what the flair is indicating. So we can either start allowing trust level groups to be used as primary, or fake it for showing flair if you don’t have another group assigned as primary.


and the side effect of primary is that you get the title as well? or is this just going to be css clases on the page?

cause if all this changes is css classes on the page I am fine allowing trust level auto groups to be primary.

I’m sure it’s more complicated that that. I don’t think automatic groups grant titles, but if you already have a primary group then the “Automatically set as primary group” option on custom groups probably stops working since everyone already has a trust level group as their primary group. So… let’s not do that. I’ll have a look at the best way to do this.


This would be my preference. If a user was manually added to a custom group, and it was set as their primary, reaching a certain trust level shouldn’t override that (in most use cases I can think of). Doing this also removes the edge case of “which primary group takes precedence”, which could be particularly tricky if the user gains and loses TL3…


Currently, who sees the flairs and is that something we could make into a setting? In my case, I’d like everyone to see the trust level flairs and custom group flairs, but I can imagine a scenario where a secret group might not want the flair to show to anyone but their own members or only admin are to see the flairs.

Maybe there could be options like show flair to:

members of group

members of group
level 0
level 1
level 2
level 3
level 4

Having the primary group of a member take precedence in terms of flair displayed works for me because by the time members are in a group they either were hand picked or made it to trust level three.

Would it be simpler to have the trust level flair appear in a different place than the group flair (bottom left for example)?

Oh and if it’s best I leave this discussion with the pros I am cool with that. Flairs rock is all I gotta say and so does Discourse!

I have a theme component in the works that should be what you are looking for. Hoping to get it finished this weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow. That would be awesome! I’ll upload it when it becomes available. What does it do exactly?

As of now, it will add admin-defined flair images that represent each of the different trust levels to the bottom left of a user’s avatar. It follows the same display rules as the normal flair (show on the user card, profile, topic). I’ll make sure to give a lot more detail once I release it.


I have so many questions, beyond being excited about this, but I’ll hold off and let you spend your valuable time on the theme itself except for one quick one. Do you have a website/forum that is published that I can see? I am curious as to what sort of a forum would lead you to design this. Or is this a paid commission?

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I don’t have a public forum or website I can show you at the moment. Sorry about that.

To be honest, I’ve been looking for theme component ideas as a way to get more and more familiar Discourse development. I had seen this topic a week or so ago and thought it would be fun to work on in my spare time.

Wasn’t planning on getting any money for this, mostly just experience :grinning:


Boy am I glad I posted. I’d pay if I had the funds. We are launching very soon and so it’s early days yet for us.


You can check out the theme component now :slightly_smiling_face: