Proposed Gutter 'Reply as new topic' changes

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Taking from TDWTF - Original topic here:

Following are two ‘reply as new topic’ changes that we’ve implemented which (IMO) have made a world of difference in how frustrating the reply as new topic button link is.

‘Reply as new topic always visible’ - Faint when not being hovered over, 100% opacity on hover

Credit to @darkmatter for the CSS and @PJH for implementation

.discourse-no-touch .post-cloak .gutter .reply-new {
    opacity: 0.5;

.post-cloak:hover .gutter .reply-new, .post-cloak:hover .gutter .track-link {
    opacity: 1;

‘Reply as new topic only as wide as the actual text’ - Does not span the entire page to the right of the reply to button.

Credit to @PJH

.gutter .reply-new, .gutter .track-link { display:inline !important; }

These have been implemented over at TDWTF, so feel free to go take a look if you want to see it in action. I personally feel this is significantly improved behavior.

(PJH) #2

Wasn’t me - I just stuck it in the customisation.