Provide more settings to be overridden in GlobalSetting

(Dan Porter) #1

I used to use

openssl_verify_mode  => 'none'

for my SMTP config in discourse. Now, with the settings being passed through from that of GlobalSetting, I am reluctant to make changes in favour of this centralised (or not :wink:) configuration file.

It would be cool if discourse added a few more (or possibly all) settings for any module that uses GlobalSetting, which doesn’t necessarily need documented in the default discourse.conf.

(Sam Saffron) #2

sure, fine to add this, PR please?

Note, I don’t want to imagineer new settings, lets add them as we need them.

(Dan Porter) #3

Yeah I’ll submit this later, thanks!

(Ricardo Marques) #4

@stealthii did you submit it ?

(Dan Porter) #5

I did not, this fell off my tasklist for some reason. If I get round to this I’ll update here, but it’s a low priority feature.

(Claus Strasburger) #6

there you go :slight_smile: