Public content but must need to register to see the content


We want to make our site public but users won’t see the content if they are not login. I check the settings it has the private feature but it hides all the content.

we want to make all the categories and topics public but in order for them to see the content they need to login is that possible with discourse?

(Mittineague) #2

I think I may be having a native language problem here understanding you, but if I’m correct you’re asking about having everything readable, but Registration is required to post.

Is that not already configurable in your Admin Settings?


nope @Mittineague the site is public all contents are public but certain contents in the post will not be seen unless they register or login, the spoiler feature here which already exist I think works but the case it they still can see the content even they are not login.

what we want is the portion of the content will not be accessible unless they login similar with other forum sites usually links and other contents are private then it indicates “register to see the content”


or is this possible that all URL’s will be private and they need to login to see the url link?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

No, we view this as spammy, and it has been discussed before. You can have private categories and a public topic describing the private areas. But this “click on visible content and you can’t see it until you log in” is not something we are interested in building.

(Jeff Atwood) #6