'public user custom fields' setting usage?

The ‘public user custom fields’ setting here: /admin/site_settings/category/users doesn’t seem to accept any input (on my Discourse).
I have created two custom user fields, ‘editable’ and ‘show on profile’ are set and this seems to work okay.
I wonder what the intended use is of the ‘public user custom fields’ setting and in which case you can actually set something in this field.

I think this is for plugins, @sam? It’s about extra data on the model. Perhaps the description could be clarified. I find it confusing too.

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If you create a custom user field for users to complete in their user preferences, you can list it here to show it on their profile publicly, at the bottom of their other data like location, etc.

We use it to allow people to list and show their GitHub ID. (We use this data to search the GitHub API for commit activity across repos, grant badges for PR’s and commits, etc.)

OK if that’s the case I will update the copy.

This is still very confusing, why isn’t “show on profile” checkbox for the custom user field doing that? It’s just “show in preferences”, then?

Why isn’t there another checkbox on the custom user field for “show to public”? Why this crazy list in a different area to determine visibility to the public?

Hella confusing.


I agree this is confusing and can be improved – the ways you suggest are all great – but we’ll take what we can get. :smile:

Custom user fields are already publicly shown (on the usercard) if ‘Show on public profile?’ is set for that specific field, without using the ‘public user custom fields’ field. Even for anonymous users / visitors.

I just tired again and you need to press enter in the ‘public user custom fields’ to have it accepts any input but it accept anything and doesn’t auto-complete to the correct available values. It doesn’t seem to do anything. Has it been surpassed by the ‘Show on public profile?’ option for the Custom User Field function?

What happens if you put user_field_1 in there?

This is entirely for plugin integration, planning to get rid of that and do via an api later on cause we now have plugins that require edits to site settings which it terrible.


I just tried this and nothing happens that I can see.

Doing some testing, and the custom field IS displayed on the user profile page but not on the user card, if “show on public profile” is selected for the custom field - albeit with broken formatting in my case.

Any news on this front?