PullHotlinkedImages triggers a "Job exception: failed to allocate memory" error

(Channing Hinton) #1

I’m getting ready to move images and attachments from my old Google Group into this forum. I’m not looking to go down that rabbit hole though…I have someone outsourced to do the transporting. However, I’d like to make it easy on her to just copy in the attachment links and Discourse will download the attachments, which I know it does. However when I put an image attachment in by pasting the link into the post…

4 jobs get scheduled in Sidekiq…

I deleted the first 3 and let the


run, I don’t want the emails being sent out, I just want to make sure it’s pulling the hotlinked images. When Jobs::PullHotlinkedImages.delayed_perform runs I get a

NoMemoryError: failed to allocate memory

and a retry in Sidekiq along with a

Job exception: failed to allocate memory

in the error logs. I don’t want to have to make her download every attachment, how do I overcome this?

(Khoa Nguyen) #2

Your VPS ran out of memory. Upgrade to a better VPS

(Channing Hinton) #3

I’m using a Digital Ocean Droplet with 2gb of memory. Is that not enough?

Everything works fine when I attach the image directly. So its lightboxing…just not downloading.

(Khoa Nguyen) #4

It depends on your forum traffic and users’ activities

(Channing Hinton) #5

Its a brand new forum, there’s literally nothing happening. Me and my boss are probably the only active users. Once it gets going, it might average like 10 new posts a week.

Now in regards to the 1098 emails… there is an email that gets sent out every 5 minutes for a few days now

I’m linking a text of it here.

We're sorry, but your email message to ["reply@360summit.com"] (titled Email issue -- Unknown To: Address) didn't work.

None of the destination addresses are recognized. Please make sure that the site address is in the To: line (not Cc: or Bcc:), and that you are sending to the correct email address provided by staff.

email.txt (5.5 KB)

I’m quite sure its from something old. I had a few problems in setting up email before when I transferred domains taking the site live, but there’s no problems with emails being sent out now. I don’t know how to clear it out of whatever queues.

Getting email every 5 minutes that says "Email issue --Unknown To: Address"
(Kane York) #6

Uh, that’s it sending mails to itself. What is your reply by email address? Do you have “email in” enabled?

Getting email every 5 minutes that says "Email issue --Unknown To: Address"
(Jeff Atwood) #7

Back on topic, how large is this image?

(Channing Hinton) #8

810x810 square, 999kb in total

(Jeff Atwood) #9

If you are on a 2GB RAM instance, I think something is wrong with your install. Did you install via our official Docker method? Is anything else running on it other than Discourse?

(Channing Hinton) #10

Yes. And I did also install ubuntu-desktop onto it. Not sure if that’s got anything running since I’ve never opened the desktop but I can remove it and see.

Sorry I’m not in a place where I can give you a top output. I’ll do that once I get to a desktop.

(Kane York) #11

I think that ubuntu-desktop includes at least a few helper daemons that you certainly don’t want or need.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

This was probably the horrible Ruby gem memory bug we inherited. It is fixed now in 1.2 final and beyond.

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