Pulling in different versions of my CSS after each reload

Hi guys,

After updating to the latest version 2.1.0.beta5 (Not sure if that is relevant), we seem to be experiencing a strange issue in that each time we reload our page a different instance of CSS is being loaded.

After the update I have made some CSS changes to the way tags look, adding in some simple styles. I also changed the way tags should display from the main settings in that they should now appear as a box rather than as bullets.

Since applying these settings and saving my CSS Changes, each page refresh pulls in a different version of my CSS depending. This is not just local to my machine where these changes were made. Even if another user signs in: they too experience this same behavior.

Edit: I have edited my css by adding a simple space within the style sheet and saved this off, I repeated this 4 times and the css seems to be displaying correctly. but only because its randomly pulling on 1 of 4 of these different style sheets which all happen to be the same. so it seems that its caching only the most recent versions of my CSS. I still not sure how I would fix this.

Reload 1

Reload 2

Reload 3

Reload 4

Could anyone provide any insight towards what and why this is happening and how we could fix this

Thanks so much.