Put call to action beside banner

(Krischan) #1

I agree with some of the people here who say that Discourse is great, but it doesn’t show its full potential on first sight, because it still looks too much like an oldschool forum - even if it looks really good.

So I tried to give it a more editorial look by abusing the banner as a teaser for particular great discussions (max-width: 60%):

This is an excerpt of a post which is manually chosen by an admin. He curates really good parts of a discussion to get people engaged.
What I miss is the red square . A nice call to action. To sign up. And the reason why.
Can anyone tell me how to get a headljne, a text and a button there?
And does anyone know what the behaviour of the banner is once a user clicked the X button?
Does he see it again when it changes its contents only?
Or only when a new topic is pinned as a banner?

Thanks so much!

(cpradio) #2

Something like this?