Put in a vote for Discourse in Zapier apps


Make sure you vote here: Discourse Integrations | Zapier


(Kenny DuBose) #23

Done… I’d sure like to see this.

(Allen) #24

Voted too, hope it helps :grinning:


I too just voted for Discourse here

We have a pretty big community here, and if we all spend few seconds to vote for Discourse, I’m sure we’ll be able to see Discourse at Zapier pretty soon.

(Dan Fellars) #26

Hey folks, so we are just starting to use discourse for our community and thought I would check to see if there is Zapier connector. Surprised to see there isn’t.

Turns out, we build custom connectors for zapier (as well as other platforms we are partnering with). In the past, our customers have required a need that isn’t supported by the Zapier connector for a service, so we build them a better version. We are now going to start monetizing those connectors for more advanced functionality that Zapier is not willing to invest the time to implement.

So…should we make a Discourse connector? Is this something that would only work for discourse users if made available for free? or is there a market for a paid version? We are working on one currently in beta that has both a free version and a more sophisticated paid version. Typically bulk support is on the paid version, for example.

If there is enough interest (especially willingness to pay (sorry, gotta pay bills sometimes…) ) then I would prioritize this one since Im really surprised it doesn’t exist and we’ll likely be needing it ourselves in near future.

Let me know if there is interest…