Put likes and replies in the bar, not between the posts

(Adam Davis) #1

Continuing the discussion from Automated Signatures?:

Personally I’d like to see the likes and replies as avatars in that space:

It does add visual clutter, but knowing who, in the form of avatars, is liking and replying to a given post is, IMO, first class information. Further, placing the text between the posts is actually more distracting and seemingly out of place.

Move heart and "X users liked this" to the left
(Clay Heaton) #2

What happens when 100 people like your post?

(jcolebrand) #3

I’m not saying I’ve learned things through osmosis and three-four years immersion but I do know something about how the team designs and how communities work :wink:

(Henrik Enggaard) #4

Another discussion on the same topic

(Adam Davis) #5

It lists the most recent five and " and 95 others like this post" or similar.

@jcolebrand yeah, they already have plans for that space.

But that doesn’t prevent me from fomenting revolution and changing those plans!

/insert evil_laugh.ogg here

(Adam Davis) #6



(Adam Davis) #7

This, however, is a proposal for a solution that resolves both of those issues.

(Ted Lilley) #8

Personally I like the content to be as uncluttered as possible with the metadata expandable when clicked. That’s just me.

A preference to let each of us choose what’s expanded for us by default might be nice, since we reasonably see it different ways.

Best would be an intuitive way for the UI to let each of us set our preference without having to visit some preferences page.

(Adam Davis) #9

Eventually the users will be able to choose a theme from a number of options, and I’m sure there will be very minimal, as well as very flashy, themes.

Hopefully that is built into the core, but it could be a plugin as well.

(Davidyang6us) #10

Putting likes in the post box would save vertical space, make likes a wee bit more noticeable and significant (not in negative space anymore), and there’s no real downside to adding it, apart from maybe the time it would take to add it in. Really should be core.

(jcolebrand) #11

themes should be plugins, always.

The only theme that should reside with the core is “default”. That gets you up and running. It should be built like a plugin, but not in the plugins folder.

(Adam Davis) #12

To be clear, I’d like it if theme selection were a core feature. In other words the admin could install several themes and allow users to choose one.

But if theme selection were not part of the core, a plugin could enable that feature as well.

The line between themes and plugins is murky, and we’d have to agree on similar definitions before getting into it, but yes, themes are a type of plugin.

(jcolebrand) #13

I agree that theme selection should be a core feature.

I just feel like any themes besides the default including those that ship as part of the base install should be plugins. This encourages all themes to be plugins.

I guess I’m arguing for an architecture decision.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

I find the proposal adds a lot of visual noise to one of the most visually noisy places in the entire app. It killed me that the post actions have to be visible all the time since hide-until-hover does not work at all on touch devices.

You should also know that other info goes in the space under the post:

  • how many likes, and who liked it
  • how many flags, of which type, with a pile-on and moderator clear option (flags are not visible to anyone but mods)
  • (eventually) any badges this post earned (this post earned the “ninja” badge for…)
  • basic analytics of where the views are coming from (e.g. “this post had 5000 views from gawker.com”)

(badp) #15

(I now realize I should’ve used the “reply as new topic” feature here. Apologies: its existence slipped my mind.)

In my experience this rarely works well — most of the users will be using the default scheme and those who don’t will likely be looking at a broken site, especially once you start piling on custom graphics, plugins and color tags.

[color=blue]Suppose you could choose between a light skin and a dark skin and picked the dark skin (like I’d do, probably!). You’d then read this paragraph and instantly regret it. Blue on black: eeeeek![/color]

There should be one, and only one, available style at any one time… by default.

(Small self-retort: you could fix this use case by making color=blue set a class="blue" style on a span and then let each skin do what they will of that class. This wouldn’t be exactly compatible with all BBCode generators out there, but it’s not like there one canonical BBCode specification either.)

(Kris) #16

Apologies if this feature didn’t exist a few days ago - but that’s where the reply counter already lives

(Davidyang6us) #17

Wasn’t the original goal of discourse to put discussion at the forefront of the interface? Why would I want to see external links or badges attached to a post? And shouldn’t flags be per account, and displayed in a user’s profile?

(Jack James) #18

Visually you’d be send the message that “liking” a post is on equal footing with replying to it. It just isn’t. Unless you’re building Facebook, people scanning through a thread could care less about who, specifically, liked a certain thread. This is about discussion, and the replies are much more important.

(Iszi) #19

As I’ve brought up in discussion on the How-To Geek Forum, one of the big problems with this space (aside from taking up a lot of vertical real estate for relatively little value) is that it appears visually separated from the post to which it’s meant to be associated. If this metadata must exist in the same space as it currently does, I suggest adding additional visual elements to clearly show that it’s actually attached to a post instead of leaving it so that it looks like it’s just wandering around between posts.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

It already does – there is more space below that message than above it, indicating that it’s attached to the post above.

This is also something people will learn rapidly, as sending and recieving likes is a core element of participation. I just can’t see how any rational person could be confused about this for more than a few minutes of participation. It seems like an abstract bikeshed design type concern rather than one based on real confusion in actual user behavior.

That said, other Discourse themes are of course free to style the metadata area under the post differently so the association is even stronger, if that is what they want.