Putting a link as the title of a new topic via the discourse_api gem


Hey guys, I have gotten the discourse_api gem to work to create new topics but one thing,

when i manually use a link as the title, it will often pull a title out of that link for me and include a link to the external url

however, when i put a link as the title via the discourse_api gem it just ends up with the actual text of that link instead of transforming it.

is there anyway around this ? thanks

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

I believe you need to add the parameter featured_link to the POST payload with the URL.


I can’t submit client.create_topic without putting something in the title parameter.

i tried putting the link as the value to both the title and featured_link parameters and i also tried using featured_link as a boolean and set it to true with the link as the title… neither worked.