Putting Discourse Meta in the Microsoft Store

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Maybe this is a bit out there, but I think it would be nice if Discourse put their own support forum in the Microsoft Store, mostly just to claim that they were the first Discourse forum to be in there. It’s very easy. No harm, no foul. :slight_smile:

My good friend @Justin_Vega already did part of the work. Now it’s just a matter of submitting the packaged PWA (it’s an MSIX file that’s in a ZIP folder) to the Microsoft Store.

That’s one small step for a Discourse forum, one giant leap for Discoursekind.


We are working on this internally. If all goes well it should be there in the next few weeks.


That’s great news! I hope this will encourage more Discourse forum owners to put their communities in the Microsoft Store too! :grin:


Thanks for mentioning me. I’m excited to see the details of how this goes.


Internally, has any progress been made so far? It still isn’t in the Microsoft Store, but I do understand that these things can take some time.

It will be done this year, but we got bigger fish to fry in the meanwhile.

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Did something change?

No, nothing has changed. :slight_smile:
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Oh, was that supposed to happen?

I find it hard to believe that it was a coincidence! :grin:

I guarantee it was.

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