Query for Unsolved Topics

Hi all,

I need to pull data for a category in order to follow up on any unsolved topics created in a certain time span. I’ve attempted at a beyond-novice level to no avail!

This is what I’m thinking I’d need:

date created (if possible between “date A” and “date B”)
date solved (this is what I’m having trouble finding)
topic id
category id

Many thanks in advance to whoever can assist!

I haven’t used the “solved” feature specifically but looks like this post has some good relevant examples of Data Explorer queries, may get you most of the way there w/ a bit of tweaking.

These examples get all solved topics so you’d need to basically select all posts in the given category not returned by the “get all solved posts” query.

Also looks like if you just need an easy way to search for these on the site you can use a URL param e.g. http://example.com/c/support?solved=yes — as per this post:

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Thanks @bts, I’ll give these a whirl!

This came up recently in another topic. Just use the in:solved or in:unsolved search term in the advanced search, like this.