Question about a community with sub cohort groups

(Shelley Webb) #1


I am the R.N.and community manager for the Discourse diabetes community that we are just beginning. Within the community, we would like to have cohort groups which will consist of individuals joining the 16-week long diabetes prevention program at different times. So there will always be new cohort groups being added.

I imagine that each of these cohort groups will be a separate category. But then, will the topics (which will actually be the same for each group, just offered at separate times) need to be added separately to each cohort group? We will have general topics in the lobby as well.

Also, I am concerned that this platform may be too techy for the general public. Does anyone have any feedback about that?

Thanks very much,

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sounds like you’ll have private categories, as well as some public categories.

People in the groups that have access to the private categories, will be able to see the public category content as well.

(And all of that can be behind a login wall, of course. So by “public” I mean “visible to all members”.)

As for “too techy”, it’s hard to say, this depends on the audience. We generally build for an audience that is comfortable with the modern amenities of Facebook. There is a very popular Discourse site for kids age 8-10 in the form of Hopscotch as well. If you are concerned, it is possible to hide elements of the UI via CSS to simplify the design and put less information on the screen.