Question about how you composed a past post

Hi Erlend

I have very recently set up a Discourse forum and am in the process of configuring it. I came across this post of yours from several years ago which I admire not only for its content but also in particular for its wonderfully easy to read style:

Can I ask what software you used to compose this - particularly your lists with coordinated icons, fonts, and hyperlinks? Is this using a Discourse plugin or some external HTML editor?

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It’s all standard Discourse :slight_smile: Here’s the raw Markdown file:


Very interesting and impressive - I must say you have motivated me to master Markdown. I am going to review the Commonmark learning materials in detail!

Question - for parts of the document such as this do you use a text expander or do you literally type out the Markdown like this?

:white_check_mark: = Done
:hammer: = WIP
:thought_balloon: = Tentative
:no_entry_sign: = Discarded (for the time being)

Also where can I find a comprehensive list of Markdown shortcuts? For example, I thought this document would be comprehensive but I do not see the above 4 items listed in it - where are they documented?


Sometimes I just type a : and start typing if I know what I’m looking for. Otherwise I’ll just use the smiley widget in the editor.

They are not part of the Markdown/CommonMark spec, they’re custom emoji codes.

p.s. I converted this to a public post so everyone can benefit from these general purpose questions.