Question about user activity

(Alan) #1

My Discourse has “default email private messages” checked and “default email always” unchecked. Both of these settings are at their default values.

I’d like to ask our staff to leave Discourse open in a browser tab while they’re working, so others can contact them through private messages without sending email. My goal is to have logged-in users receive notifications for private messages through their web browser while logged-out users receive notifications through email.

I’ve noticed that logged-in users are still receiving emails for private messages. Is it possible to have a user that’s logged-in to Discourse, but not navigating around the Discourse site, count as an active user?

Under each user’s preferences the help text for the unchecked setting “Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site” says “We’ll only email you if we haven’t seen you in the last minute.” What controls the “last minute” part of this setting?