Question about user webhooks

I want to implement a user webhook and I have a few questions.

1- what does “when user update” means in the webhook? I changed the trust level of a user as for test, but it didnt trigger anything.

2- what is the performance side effect of using webhooks in a busy forum. For example, does user feel any delay in login/sign up, when I enable these webhooks?

That to me sounds like a bug/feature req, when you update profile info etc it works as expected?

Should be negligible, it all happens in background jobs


I realized that everything happening by API or admins does not trigger webhooks.

I was having a similar experience as @parisa, so to test the admin-doesn’t-trigger issue, I created a regular (non-admin) account, set a new Zapier trigger to catch the webhook, and listened for updates from Discourse’s webhook. Then, had the regular user update their email preferences.

Nothing. Silence.

Returned to the Discourse webhook admin and did a test ping.

Zapier trigger captured the event within 6~8 seconds.

I still cannot capture any user update events (and really want to capture the email summary preference!)


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@udan11 can you verify that webhooks are properly firing when a user is updated?

This might be because these fields are not on the user model (anymore). Like we move the email to another table.


This kind of fix would need to be backported too cc @sam


Since this is kind of urgent @vinothkannans can you have a look at this first thing today?


@Hanzo For me this is already working as expected. I tested it by changing both my email address and email preferences (email_always and mailing_list_mode_frequency).

May I know which preference you changed exactly?


I changed: User Preferences > Emails > Activity Summary (on/off)

This is big one, as it will tie directly into GDPR compliance.

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I can confirm it is still working for me. When I change (as normal user) the “Activity Summary (on/off)” value it creates a new webhook event successfully. You can see the list of successful/failure events list in UI below.


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Thanks! I’ll review (maybe I overlooked a setting?) and will report back.


Success! Your screenshot helped – I completely missed the “Active” checkbox.

Helps to actually enable the thing you are trying to execute!