Question over Private Messaging

(Ric W) #1

We currently have a setup of discourse at the moment which is replacing a mailing list

One question I’ve got, is it possible for the server to recieve emails and process them as private messages?
such as messages sent to

One of the features we’re looking for is to replace the FROM address field for emails sent out
so that the address of the sender instead of the list email address is seen instead
The Reply-To address should remain as the list email address
This should bring things more inline with RFC2822.

I’ve noticed this plugin which I might be able to adapt to do this
Allow reply-to individual instead of topic/forum (mailing list feature) GitHub - tareko/discourse-replyto-individual: Discourse plugin to allow reply-to individual similar to GNU/Mailman’s Reply_goes_to_list = Poster

However one of the things we want to do is give a user an option of exposing they’re real email address in the FROM field
or expose a different address which just allows for private messaging without exposing they’re real address

(Steve Combs) #2

Check out my post on reply privately to sender