Question regarding WP-Discourse settings

(Lars Christian) #1


New to the forum here, so hello everyone, pleased to meet you all!

I’ve just installed Discourse for a new project I’m working on, and I’ve managed to bridge the gap between by installing the WP-Discourse plugin. So far, so good. I do have a question about the settings for pulling notable replies though.

One condition is “minimum number of replies” - Does this mean direct replies to that specific post, or does it mean subsequent replies in the topic? It doesn’t seem to specified anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

(blaumeer) #2

Have you figured this out? I believe it’s total replies to a topic.

(Molly) #3

It’s the number of replies to the topic created from the post on your Discourse forum. You aren’t able to respond from the article, you have to go to the article’s topic to do that.

So, if you wanted all comments to show up, you could make “minimum number of replies” be 1. That way, the first comment will show up.

Does that make sense?