Questions about badges & New User of the Month

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Last year, to help Readers become Posters, I posted on our forum about getting badges. It sparked some interest and a couple dozen “new” people started posting. It also prompted some scavenger hunts on Discourse to find just how to obtain said badges. For example, it took a group effort to understand just how to make the Tutorial work :-1: Plus, one of the actions in the Tutorial Failed (one of the “undo” actions); it failed to work for everyone who sought that badge.

Now we are discussing the New User of the Month badge; Outstanding contributions in their first month. hmmm…

From the creators’ post, quote:
“It requires 2 posts in 2 different topics
The score is calculated based on the trust level of the person who liked it, not their account age. You can see the table I came up with here22.”

Currently in our community, there are only 14 members with this badge. However, all of the 14 were granted AFTER March 2017, and MOST were in the fall after Sept 2017.

YET, I joined Joined May 13, '15. I became a Moderator/Leader Aug '15, '15.
The other 2 moderators/Leaders became Mods/Leaders at the same time and they never got this badge either. The 3 of us were asked to be leaders because we were so active.

We have a small core group of regulars who all started in 2015. They are all asking why they have not gotten the badge / how to get the badge.

Can someone explain to me how to get the badge, so I can explain to members and the other mods what to do?

If I may take a moment to comment on other badges, many of the higher default badges seem unattainable, even the 300 one (way too high). Getting more than 7 to 8 likes per post has rarely if ever happened… 10 or more will be a giant stretch. I wish there were more badges for T2 & T3 but at lower amounts (on all those) and set by default.

I also wish that a couple new badges for each level were added each year, to keep it fresh and let people have something to look forward to doing. .
Unrelated to badges… Why doesn’t everyone get the birthday acknowledgement on “CakeDay”?

Thank you.


I also have some questions about how it’s calculated as well as the folks who have gotten this badge do not seem to have done “outstanding” contributions… especially in comparison to other members who joined at the similar times…? Unless it is entirely random and the threshold of “outstanding” is really minimal.

I see this too:


The badge didn’t exist back then – granting only began earlier this year.

You can add as many badges as you like to your own community. :slight_smile:

Have they entered their birth date in their preferences?

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Thank you for the explanation of the New User / Mo badge.

Yes, my birth date was / is listed on my screen, but it does not show anywhere else (e.g. I don’t show up in the Birthday listing). I’ll ask others if they listed theirs.